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The purpose of this EXPERIMENT is to prove that an efficient, low barrier of entry experience is indeed possible TODAY from within a progressive 'stock' browser.

The experience relies on evolving open standards in progress and represents only a best effort towards early WebVR/WebXR limited by my means, abilities and exposure.

Please excuse that it may not always work for your particular configuration.
I will expand and correct if, when and as I am able to proceed.

Set yourself up correctly to get the most from the experience.

HEADPHONES AND Microphone to avoid feedback.
Accept the browser's microphone request.

Keyboard Controls, WASD to move and Arrows to look.
Q is UP and X is DOWN on the semi-transparent lift tiles.

Y-axis invert toggle,
View toggle, stereo or single,
Livestats toggle.
Panoramic 360 screenshot. ( I use this software as an offline viewer)

Gamepad (if connected), Left joystick to move and Right joystick to look. Buttons B for UP and A for DOWN on semi-transparent lift tiles.

For Basic 2D and 3D split view interactions use Firefox or Chrome

For a 6DOF experience with Oculus or Vive use Firefox.
Select the "Full VR " button once logged in.
NOTE: On exit Firefox may freeze and the VR Goggles flicker. Close Firefox and re-open.

Tweaking your browser settings may offer better performance using your GPU.

Be aware that NAT traversal, as used in WebRTC, may be slow or even fail behind certain firewall and antivirus configurations. This affects your in-world comms and positional data. It may take time to fully hear and see inworld. Be patient.

If you own Razer Hydra and want to try out hands, please contact me.

On REFRESHING the in-world page for any reason, you will be re-directed to log-in again.

Play and have fun!


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